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At Granquist & Associates, LLC we specialize in:

Working with Smaller and Mid Size Businesses in growing market share, and making stronger teams.

At its core, 'strategy' is all about gaining and expanding your potential customer base, increasing and expanding relationships, and creating 'overall value' to those you serve.

Strategic Business Development, Planning and Execution of those plans.

Focal Areas Include: Strategic Business & Economic Expansion and Development.


With the COVID 19 Pandemic and its Global Impact on us all, we assure you that we follow all Mandatory Compliances that are in place. Virtual meetings and remote site works, are nothing new to G & A. I have held virtual meetings for over twenty years, as clients are usually geographically diverse, US and Global in their locations. Your safety and that of others is our primary concern throughout all of this. As policy and protocols change, we will also change our message related to this Pandemic.

Be well, and stay safe.

Thank you. 619-379-1222

Oskar Granquist

"As in the game of Chess, success in business is about strategic thinking, planning and execution."
O. Granquist

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Oskar Granquist

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Oskar Granquist


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