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“No matter what we do in our profession, day to day business or with Family and Friends, we are all in sales. We are constantly selling and doing it all of the time.” Most of us do this without really knowing that we are doing it! That is the beauty of it, and some are better than others. Why? Because like being excellent at anything. 'You Practice.'
O. Granquist

I learned how to 'sell' and provide value at an early age. I started off selling newspapers, and having a small neighborhood lawn mowing business. Having a strong and disciplined work ethic and hands on approach to life is how I was raised.

I've always had a passion for learning, making something better, reinvesting in the long-term, and being the best. I have been fortunate to have had some of the best 'mentors' in their respective fields coach me, and let me observe and learn from them. Many of whom came from self made successes or Individuals from Fortune 500 firms.

I serve on several US and International Boards of Directors. My contributions include; strategy planning, business development, client management, conflict resolution and, best business practices. I work with individuals, groups, corporate decision makers, and those simply wanting to have an 'outside read,' on helping them develop and fine tune their business plan. I am thankful, humbled and proud to be part of something that will bring a positive benefit to those that I work with and for.

My passion is in what I do, and not just in what I say. And in getting great results for the clients I work with and support.

I am a man of action, accountability and resources. "My word is my bond"

Thank you, "I look forward to being a potential resource in your future.”

Oskar Granquist


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Oskar Granquist

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Oskar Granquist


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