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I founded, Granquist & Associates, LLC in 1999. I initially started my company as an aide to those that wanted to do business in the Oil & Gas and Refinery business in Mexico and throughout Greater Latin America. I was hired to coordinate and initiate introductions to interested parties and assist in setting up initial business planning and strategic relationships/alliances. Eventually, allowing the parties to engage in doing business together. I am a provider of 'solutions' and if I cannot find the answers, I most likely know someone who can assist.

My motto is "Outside the Box thinking to ensure your solutions,” because that is what you are looking for and expect. I work with Individuals, companies, firms and agencies of all sizes and areas of focus.

The solutions I offer are based upon hearing what 'you,' the client, wants to accomplish. By listening and designing a plan tailored to your specific needs.

My  philosophy  is  pretty simple: “No matter what we do in our in our day-to-day conversations, or business we are selling.  Whether we are selling a point of view, an opinion, a product, a design, a team, or a company, we are selling."

Most of us do this without realizing it. As in many things, some are better than others. Why? Because like being excellent at anything, you practice.

At an early age, I began to learn how to 'sell' and 'provide value’. I started off by selling newspapers and growing that newspaper route, and also having a small neighborhood lawn mowing business. I was successful due to how I sold. Having a strong and disciplined work ethic and hands-on approach is how I was raised. My value-add at the time was 'communications.' Today, that still remains the 'core' differentiation in most aspects of successful practices and relationships.

Serving on several US and International Boards of Directors, my contributions include; strategy planning, business development, client management, proposal analysis, proposal oversight, conflict resolution, SWOT analysis, coaching and use of and implementing 'best business practices'. I work with individuals, groups, influencers, decision makers, and those seeking an 'outside read,' in the development and the fine-tuning of their business approach or business plan.

I've always had a passion for learning, making something better, reinvesting in the long-term, and in best efforts. I am a firm believer in "leaving things better than you found them." I have been fortunate to have had some of the best 'mentors' in their respective fields, and by listening and learning, has allowed me to become an asset to others.

Thank you, "I look forward to being a resource in your future.”

O. Granquist

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